What To Expect

…when you arrive

You’ll be welcomed by our congregation. We love to have new people join with us whenever we gather in Christ’s name. We have Sunday School/Bible Study classes for all ages beginning at 9:30 AM, as well as specific classes for men, women and families. If you need help finding a class just ask anyone. Our people will be happy to help you. Once the Bible Study hour is over, we then gather for worship as a congregation at 10:40.

…before the worship service

You should be given a welcome packet by one of our greeters as you enter. If not, please ask any of our members and they’ll be glad to get you one. Once you’re seated, you’ll notice that we come together as one church family for worship. There is no “children’s church” or separate youth meeting. We believe it is very important for children to learn to worship together with their families. (Though we do have a nursery available for children, ages two and younger, and a ‘video feed’ of the service in the downstairs fellowship hall for nursing moms or those who’s children are having a tough morning.)

You will very likely be greeted by several of our people before the service begins (but we don’t expect you to remember all our names!) And though we take worship very seriously, our gathering time will be anything but solemn. There is usually a rumble of joy to be heard as the saints are gathering.

…during the worship service

Singing. At about 10:40 one of our elders will call us together, share a few announcements, and then lead us in prayer. The goal of our gathering is to consciously acknowledge and respond to the God of all grace as He makes Himself known through the Word and testimony of His People. We believe in congregational participation. The songs we sing will be God-focused, and may reflect any number of musical styles (though style is not the issue, truth is). We try very hard not to do anything in the service that would be a distraction from our goal of seeing each of us draw near to Christ in Word and song.

Sharing. At some point during the service, the congregation will be seated, and an opportunity given for members of our congregation to exhort and encourage one another with the reading of Scripture, the giving of testimonies, and/or giving and receiving prayer. This is usually a very precious time, though it may seem “odd” if you are not familiar with the practice. Sometimes we sit together in silence, waiting on the Lord and for any of our church family who may have something to share. Once a month, on the last Sunday of each month, we close this time by sharing in the Lord’s Supper.

Preaching. We are committed to Biblical, expositional preaching.   Usually one of our pastors will be leading a series through a book of the Bible, though sometimes through a topic.   But our commitment to you is that the message you hear will always be anchored in the truth of God’s Word. We will not waste your time with mere opinion.   Pastor Scott preaches most Sundays, though we have other faithful elders who can and do bring the word on a fairly regular basis as well.   We believe God designed the church to be led by a group of committed and accountable elders rather than a single pastor.   Those who preach are committed to the Reformation principle of “Sola Scriptura” or “Scripture Alone” as the source of all Christian faith and practice.

…after the worship service

Though we gladly invite men, women and children to repent and believe the Gospel of Christ for salvation, we do not use man-centered manipulation techniques to do so.  Instead, you’ll be exhorted to look to Christ, and given an opportunity to speak to one of our elders after the service if you so desire.   If you need prayer or anything at all, please feel free to take advantage of this time.  Also, plan on sticking around when the service is over.  Most of our congregation enjoys this time after the last “amen” for sharing in each others lives.  This is when many friendships are formed.  Many of our people fellowship together for an hour or more.

…Sunday evening

Sunday evening is very informal at Rockport.   We do not have a regularly evening worship service.  Instead we use this time for special classes and special events.   Currently, Pastor Scott is teaching a class on Systematic Theology that meets each Sunday evening at 5 PM.  But there will be other classes, as well, throughout the year.    The 6:30 hour is reserved for special events (missions videos, special presentations, etc).   On the final Sunday of each month, the congregation gathers at 6:30 PM for a time of congregational prayer.

 …during the week

We will not force ourselves on you during the week, though one of our elders or deacons would love the chance to come visit with you in your home if you want us to (If so, please fill out a card in your welcome packet and let us know). We do not meet together at the church building during the week, instead we meet in Community Groups located in various members’ homes. There are group meetings each evening of the week all over the Jefferson County and South County areas. Very likely there is one near you. (Please go to the C-Groups page for more information).

That’s what to expect. I believe we have a warm, loving family in Christ who would love to get to know you better. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.