“The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.”
Job 1:21

527470_491249960898649_1009502402_nAs many friends of our congregation have heard by now, we have suffered the unexpected loss of our dear brother in Christ, Jason Moslander. I say “loss” because, while his death is certainly “gain” for him (since he is now enjoying a full, unhindered fellowship with Christ – Php 1:21) it is nevertheless a real loss for us, and above all for his precious family.  Let us never forget that death is not our friend. It is an enemy. As Paul says in 1 Cor 15:26, “the last enemy that will be abolished, is death.” And death has taken from us a dear friend and zealous servant of Christ!

Many are likewise aware that Jason and his wife Stephanie were preparing to give their lives as missionaries. Their hope was to serve with Pioneers in the Middle East, taking the Gospel of God’s Grace to those locked under the hard rule of Islam.   Jason will not be going.  That means that others must now respond to Christ’s call and go in Jason’s place. Please join me as we pray to the Lord of the Harvest to raise up workers for this white harvest field.

One of the things, that has caught me off guard this, has been the discovery of how deeply our children at Rockport loved Jason.   I should have known it, I suppose.  Jason has served as a Sunday School teacher for many years.  And he was, in fact, the biggest “kid” of them all.  Each Sunday he would greet the children of our church by name.  And on our fellowship meal days, you would often find him out in the field next to the church playing soccer or some other game with them.  His fun-loving nature made him easy to love.  And they did love him.  Please pray for our little ones, many of whom are experiencing such grief for the first time.

But above all, pray for Jason’s family, for Stephanie and Gracie and Elliot (and the little one Stephanie is carrying), and for his parents, Dennis and Donna. This is a hard place where they find themselves, and they will need all the grace and love that God has so richly piled upon us, to be spread as thick as we can over their lives in the coming months and years.

As I’ve thought about Stephanie this week, the words Sarah Edwards wrote to her daughter upon learning of her husband, Jonathan’s, sudden death keep coming to my mind. Surely, Stephanie can say the same thing:

What shall I say? A holy and good God has covered us with a dark cloud. O that we may kiss the rod, and lay our hands upon our mouths! The Lord has done it. He has made me adore his goodness, that we had him so long. But my God lives; and he has my heart. O what a legacy my husband, and your father, has left us! We are all given to God; and there I am, and love to be.

Please keep all in prayer. A fund has been established to help Stephanie and her three children through these days. Checks may be sent to “The Acts 4 Fund”   in her name  (Acts 4 Fund / Rockport Baptist Church 3761 Telegraph Road / Arnold, MO 63010).  Everything received will go to help support her and her children during this difficult time.

The Lord has been our help!  He has not abandoned us but has continued to pour out his grace upon us throughout this entire ordeal!   He gives, he takes away.  Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Resting in His mercy,

Pastor Scott

PS – you can listen to the message preached at Jason’s Funeral here.   You can also listen to the sermon from the Sunday given the Sunday following his death here.  God has helped us through with both messages.

The local newspaper has also published an article about Jason.  You can find it here.   They also did a follow up article following his funeral.  It can be found here

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