Several have asked for a copy of the eulogy I delivered at our dear brother, Jason Moslander’s funeral.  With hope that he may be remembered as a loving husband, father and friend who above all loved Christ.  Here it is:


Eulogy of Jason Moslander.

I just can’t believe he is gone, but I do believe that I will see him again. I am still stunned and deeply affected by this young man. What a gift that God bestowed on us when Jason walked in the doors of Rockport Baptist Church with his friends. Little did we know that we had some six short years to enjoy him.

Jason was born again shortly before he came to Rockport. I don’t know much about his past life.  I know he has a loving family that he loved.  His father and mother both love the Lord and are very loving people whom we have had a joyful chance to get to know more.  He married a wonderful young lady, Stephanie, whom we love dearly .  and they had two, no- three little children together.  I know he had business associates and many friends that he cared for deeply. Jason knew and loved Jesus Christ, our Lord more than anything and is right now, in His presence.  Only a few have that blessed privilege, for straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to eternal life, and few there be that find it.  And Jason is enjoying it right now.

He also had given his life that he might venture forth into the land of Muslims in order to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  That is what all of his preparations were for.  He was a missionary to Egypt. A light going to a dark world.  He lit up our world also.

When he first came to Rockport with his dear friends and Stephanie, he brought the light and joy of Jesus with him.   In many ways I thought of him as being over the top. I’m kind of old school. But if I had known, as the Lord knew, that we only had him for six more years, I would have understood.  I would have understood that the biblical admonition to greet one another with a holy kiss really should be lived out literally.  In fact, if we could have another chance at him, we would all shower him with kisses.

For some reason, Jason wanted us to know that he really loved us.  I know that part of his motivation was that he delighted in aggravating me.  Its true.

When we went on a float trip, I wondered why he was so full of glee to be canoeing with me.  Little did I know what he had in store for me that day.  Or maybe it was just off the cuff typical Jason, which is more likely.  Continually acting like he accidentally stroked his paddle too far soaking me to the bone.  Actually at one point, simply tipping the canoe over on purpose.  Or commenting that it was only my end of the boat that was dragging in the gravel. I tell you the truth, I was truly sanctified that day and grew in patience.

On the other hand, I delighted in aggravating Jason by telling him that it was just silly to play board games.  It is not silly.  It is wonderful and loving to be with friends and family to play some board games.  But to have a library of them. That’s a little weird.

Jason was a big soccer fan.  I also delighted in telling Jason that soccer wasn’t a real sport.  And that it wasn’t football.  It was soccer and actually only a warm up for the real game of football.

Rockport was truly affected by this young man’s life.  We will be a different church without him.  There will be a void.  We needed his hellos, his goodbyes, which were often just as flamboyant.  His vigor, his forgiveness, his love and his kisses.   His death has affected us more.

When we reviewed Jasons life for missionary service the first time, we wanted to care for him well and instruct him and help him to be better prepared, so we gave a brief delay.  Jason was deeply affected, but understanding. He told me later that when a brother asked him why the delay, he answered him, oh, “bald guy won’t let me go”.  I thought that was hilarious, Perfect.  Yet, he was truly sincere and as a mature young missionary, did what it took to further prepare himself.  There was no stopping him.  And that’s what I like to hear.  He was going to Egypt, with or without our help.

On the last Sunday we saw him, his last words to me were that I had one week to finish my endorsement so that he could send letters of support for his mission.  I had looked over a few endorsements and was thinking about how to best write mine.

Jason was a very compassionate man, and truly cared for everyone around him.  He had time for everyone.  When I taught his Sunday School class yesterday, I taught a class of affected young people. It was truly difficult to get through it. They had been loved and they were shaken.  He hadn’t been there merely to fill time or get a resume.  He taught them the gospel. And the truth about life.  He truly wanted them to know, and be saved.

Here was a man who enjoyed life, raised a family and laid down his life for his family and for the sake of the gospel.  Many of us were unsure as to whether he would live through fulfilling his calling to Egypt, but that wasn’t much of a thought with Jason. Someone must go, and Jason said, here am I, send me.  And Stephanie joyfully embraced the call.

This life is like a vapor that appears for a little time and vanishes away.

Jason, I would have written and do now give you my full and unreserved endorsement my brother.  You are a great man, of whom the world was not worthy.

Jason Moslander.  Well done Sir.

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