We’re looking forward to this year’s Grace Camp Meeting. It begins this Thursday, April 3rd at 7 PM and runs all day Friday and Saturday, ending at noon on Sunday.  The schedule is as follows:

Thursday Evening, at 7 PM
Prayer Room at 6:30 PM
Mack Tomlinson

Friday, April 4th
Prayer Room @ 8:30 AM
Tim Dickmann @ 9 AM
Kevin Williams @ 10:30 AM
Lunch and Fellowship
Curt Daniel @ 3 PM
Prayer Time
Dinner and Fellowship
Charles Leiter @ 7 PM

Saturday, April 5th
Prayer Room @ 8:30 AM
Nathan Rages @ 9 AM
Clint Leiter @ 10:30 AM
Lunch and Fellowship
Mack Tomlinson @ 3 PM
Prayer Time
Dinner and Fellowship
Curt Daniel @ 7 PM

Sunday Morning, April 6th
Mike Dickmann @ 9:30 AM (Sunday School Hour)
Charles Leiter @ 10:40 AM (Worship Hour)

Each year has been better than the year before, so come out and join us!   And if you’re interested, you can access previous year’s messages by clicking here

You can register for this year’s Grace Camp Meeting by clicking here

Hope to see you there,

In His Grace,

Pastor Scott

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