“Finally…..” Returning to Our Study of Ephesians

Finally, Lord willing, we will be returning to our study of Ephesians this Sunday.   The final section of this wonderful letter begins at 6:10, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.”  Beginning here, the Apostle Paul will both sum up and apply all that has gone before in Ephesians, drawing us into the conclusion that life itself is a battle we must continually and prayerfully fight in the strength provided (by grace!) in the Lord.

With that message in mind, let me challenge you to consider doing two things this week.

(1) Read through the Book of Ephesians again (either alone or as a family).  Let that reading refresh your thinking about these great themes of grace and gospel power that are alive in this letter.

(2) Consider beginning to memorize Ephesians 6:10-20 as we make our way through this vital portion of Scripture.

As my wife reminded our C-Group last week, it is often the little “nuggets” of God’s word that we have tucked away in our memory that God uses to equip us to stand against the sudden assaults of the enemy.   Such “nuggets,” called to mind by the Holy Spirit, can very quickly be hammered into an effective sword, and offered up as a faith-filled prayer on the spot, bringing us into remembrance of the victory and help that are ours in Christ.  His strength prevails when it is stood upon by faith and called into action by believers who are resting, not in their own power, but in His which grace amply supplies.

 May the Lord fill you with the knowledge of His power and grant you grace to rest all upon Him as you wage war in the strength He supplies.