Grace Bible Conference

Grace Camp for FB
Our 8th Annual

Grace Bible Conference

(Formerly “Grace Camp Meeting”)

Friday April 17th – Sunday April 19th, 2015

 “Strangers and Aliens in this World:   Living as Christians and Proclaiming Christ in an Increasingly Alien World”

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession,that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.   1 Peter 2:9

Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul.
1 Peter 2:11

This Year’s Speakers include

Mike Morrow, Tony Mattia, Brig Jones, Kenny Petty, Geoff Ingrum, Terry Delaney, Jason Arens

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The conference itself is FREE (A Love Offering will be taken)

Meals are provided.  Those who wish  may pay a suggested donation of $5/meal ($2.50 for children under 12), but no one will be turned away.  Some fellowship with us regardless of your ability to pay.

Meeting Schedule:

Friday April 17th  from 2 PM to 8 PM  (Supper provided)

Saturday April 18th from 10:20 AM to 8 PM (Lunch and Supper Provided)

Sunday, April 19th from 9:30 AM to 12 PM

(Speakers’ Schedule Coming Soon)


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Limited housing is available by request during registration

Hotels in the area include:

Drury Inn and Suites (1-888-906-5394)

Comfort Inn (636-296-3000)



For messages from last year’s  Camp Meeting click here!


Past Camp Meeting Speakers:


Tim Conway Mike Durham
Bob Jennings
Scott Lee
Charles Leiter
Dr. Michael Morrow
Rob Pelky
Bob Schembre
Jon Sims
Paul Washer

Mike Williams


1st Annual Grace Camp Meeting

April 10th – 13th, 2008

Weariness – Isa. 40:28-31
Charles Leiter – 04/10/2008 (Thur)
Eternity – Rev. 20:11-15
Paul Washer – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
Seeking God – Eph. 2:1-10
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/10/2008 (Thur)
Made Perfect Forever – Heb.10:1
Mike Williams – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
Be Filled with the Holy Ghost – Eph. 5:18
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/11/2008 (Fri)
Two Sides of the Gospel – 2 Co. 4:6
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
Jesus Our Intercessor – Heb. 9:24-26
Mike Williams – 04/11/2008 (Fri)
More Grace – Jam. 4:1
Rob Pelky – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
Where is God? – Joel 2; Job 23:2
Charles Leiter – 04/11/2008 (Fri)
What is Your Name? – Gen. 32:21-22
Rob Pelky – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
The Kingdom of God Suffers Violence and
the Violent Take it By Force
 – Mat.11:7-15
Charles Leiter – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
The Eternity of God – Psa. 90
Mike Williams – 04/13/2008 (Sun)
Where Does Passion Come From? – Isa. 6
Paul Washer – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
The Gospel Call – Rom. 1:16
Paul Washer – 04/13/2008 )Sun)

2nd Annual Grace Camp Meeting

April 16th – 19th, 2009

The Worth of Christ Part 1
Charles Leiter – 04/16/09 (Thur)
The Worth of Christ Part 3
Charles Leiter – 04/18/09 (Sat)
Undeserved Love
Mike Durham – 04/16/09 (Thur)
The Worth of Christ Part 4
Charles Leiter – 04/18/09 (Sat)
God Gave the Most Worthy for the Unworthy
Mike Durham – 04/17/09 (Fri)
Entering the Holy of Holies Part 1
Mike Williams – 04/18/09 (Sat)
Sacrificial Life Part 1
Tim Conway – 04/17/09 (Fri)
Entering the Holy of Holies Part 2
Mike Williams – 04/18/09 (Sat)
The Worth of Christ Part 2
Charles Leiter – 04/17/09 (Fri)
Sacrificial Life Part 2
Tim Conway – 04/18/09 (Sat)
Live by Faith
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/17/09 (Fri)
Sacrificial Life Part 3
Tim Conway – 04/19/09 (Sun)
God’s Love for Himself
Mike Durham – 04/17/09 (Fri)
Jesus, Our Great High Priest
Mike Williams – 04/19/09 (Sun)

3rd Annual Grace Camp Meeting

April 15th – 18th, 2010

God is Light
Bob Jennings – 04/15/10 (Thur)
At the Feet of Jesus
Pete Ruble – 04/17/10 (Sat)
Longing for the Glory
Scott Lee – 04/16/10 (Fri)
Genuine Worship
Rob Pelky – 04/17/10 (Sat)
The Worth-ship of God
Rob Pelky – 04/16/10 (Fri)
Slaves of Christ
Jon Sims – 04/17/10 (Sat)
Christ Before a Truthless World
John Griever – 04/16/10 (Fri)
Acquiring Wise Counsel
Bob Jennings – 04/17/10 (Sat)
Bob Jennings – 04/16/10 (Fri)
The Prayer Meeting
Bob Jennings – 04/17/10 (Sat)
The Alabaster Box of Worship
Rob Pelky – 04/16/10 (Fri)
The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Bob Jennings – 04/18/10 (Sun)
I Have Loved You with an Everlasting Love
Jon Sims – 04/16/10 (Fri)
Resting in Christ, not Religion
Rob Pelky – 04/18/2010 (Sun)

4th Annual Grace Camp Meeting

April 7th – 10th, 2011

Prayer in the New Covenant
Mack Tomlinson – 04/07/11 (Thur)
Praying Through Opposition
Mike Dickmann – 04/09/11 (Sat)
Don’t Grieve the Spirit
Bob Jennings – 04/08/11 (Fri)
The Effectual Prayer
Bob Schembre – 04/09/11 (Sat)
Seeking God in Prayer
Scott Lee – 04/01/11 (Fri)
The Hidden Life of Prayer
Mack Tomlinson – 04/09/11 (Sat)
Authority to Pray
JDr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/01/11 (Fri)
The Prayer Life of Jesus
Nathan Rages – 04/09/11 (Sat)
Sin and Mercy
Mike Dickmann – 04/08/11 (Fri)
Grace for the Mess
Mack Tomlinson – 04/10/11 (Sun)
A Morning Prayer
Mack Tomlinson – 04/08/11 (Fri)
The Church Prayer Meeting
Mack Tomlinson – 04/10/11 (Sun)
The Throne of Grace
Bob Jennings – 04/09/11 (Sat)

5th Annual Grace Camp Meeting

April 19th – 22nd, 2012

Satan’s Limits Under God’s Sovereignty
Mack Tomlinson – 04/19/12 (Thur)
The Law of Grace
Rob Pelky – 04/21/12 (Sat)
How They Overcame the Devil 
Bob Jennings – 04/20/12 (Fri)
Friendly Fire
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/21/12 (Sat)
Receiving and Reigning
Rob Pelky – 04/20/12 (Fri)
Unbelieving Believers
Nathan Rages -04/21/12 (Sat)
The Battle of the Flesh
Mike Dickmann – 04/20/12 (Fri)
The Newness of the Spirit
Mike Dickmann – 04/22/12 (Sun)
The Things Above
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/20/12 (Fri)
The Conquering Cross
Mack Tomlinson – 04/22/12 (Sun)
The Devil’s Strategies and Methods 
Mack Tomlinson – 04/21/12 (Sat)