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Our 9th Annual

Grace Bible Conference 2016

April 1 – 3, 2016

“Shepherding Hearts Toward Christ”

This Year’s Focus

This year we want to focus on how we as pastors, people, parents and spouses are called to shepherd others and be shepherded by one another.  All of us are sheep and, to the degree that we are in a position to lead others, we are also shepherds.  How can we serve one another and lead others to the True Shepherd, Jesus?

This Year’s Speakers

One of our goals in this conference is to foster deeper Christ-centered fellowship among believers and churches in the Saint Louis area who are committed to the Doctrines of Grace with a Passion for Gospel Outreach.  For that reason, all of this year’s speakers are from local area churches.  These include:

Geoff Ingrum (Heritage of Grace Church, Dupo, IL), Joe Braden (FBC, St Peters MO), Joe Costephens (The Passage, Ferguson MO), Geoff Kirkland (Christ Fellowship Bible Church, St Louis), Jeremy Muniz (FBC, DeSoto, MO), Kenny Patty (The Gate Church, University City, MO), Scott Lee (Rockport Baptist Church, Arnold, MO)

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Limited housing is available by request during registration

Hotels in the area include:

Drury Inn and Suites (1-888-906-5394)

Comfort Inn (636-296-3000)



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Past Speakers:

Tim Conway Mark Durham Bob Jennings Scott Lee Dr. Mike Morrow
Tim Conway Mark Durham Bob Jennings Scott Lee Dr. Mike Morrow
Rob Pelkey Bob Schembre John Sims Paul Washer Mike Williams
Rob Pelkey Bob Schembre John Sims Paul Washer Mike Williams

1st Annual Grace Camp Meeting

April 10th – 13th, 2008

Weariness – Isa. 40:28-31
Charles Leiter – 04/10/2008 (Thur)
Eternity – Rev. 20:11-15
Paul Washer – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
Seeking God – Eph. 2:1-10
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/10/2008 (Thur)
Made Perfect Forever – Heb.10:1
Mike Williams – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
Be Filled with the Holy Ghost – Eph. 5:18
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/11/2008 (Fri)
Two Sides of the Gospel – 2 Co. 4:6
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
Jesus Our Intercessor – Heb. 9:24-26
Mike Williams – 04/11/2008 (Fri)
More Grace – Jam. 4:1
Rob Pelky – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
Where is God? – Joel 2; Job 23:2
Charles Leiter – 04/11/2008 (Fri)
What is Your Name? – Gen. 32:21-22
Rob Pelky – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
The Kingdom of God Suffers Violence and
the Violent Take it By Force
 – Mat.11:7-15
Charles Leiter – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
The Eternity of God – Psa. 90
Mike Williams – 04/13/2008 (Sun)
Where Does Passion Come From? – Isa. 6
Paul Washer – 04/12/2008 (Sat)
The Gospel Call – Rom. 1:16
Paul Washer – 04/13/2008 )Sun)

2nd Annual Grace Camp Meeting

April 16th – 19th, 2009

The Worth of Christ Part 1
Charles Leiter – 04/16/09 (Thur)
The Worth of Christ Part 3
Charles Leiter – 04/18/09 (Sat)
Undeserved Love
Mike Durham – 04/16/09 (Thur)
The Worth of Christ Part 4
Charles Leiter – 04/18/09 (Sat)
God Gave the Most Worthy for the Unworthy
Mike Durham – 04/17/09 (Fri)
Entering the Holy of Holies Part 1
Mike Williams – 04/18/09 (Sat)
Sacrificial Life Part 1
Tim Conway – 04/17/09 (Fri)
Entering the Holy of Holies Part 2
Mike Williams – 04/18/09 (Sat)
The Worth of Christ Part 2
Charles Leiter – 04/17/09 (Fri)
Sacrificial Life Part 2
Tim Conway – 04/18/09 (Sat)
Live by Faith
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/17/09 (Fri)
Sacrificial Life Part 3
Tim Conway – 04/19/09 (Sun)
God’s Love for Himself
Mike Durham – 04/17/09 (Fri)
Jesus, Our Great High Priest
Mike Williams – 04/19/09 (Sun)

3rd Annual Grace Camp Meeting

April 15th – 18th, 2010

God is Light
Bob Jennings – 04/15/10 (Thur)
At the Feet of Jesus
Pete Ruble – 04/17/10 (Sat)
Longing for the Glory
Scott Lee – 04/16/10 (Fri)
Genuine Worship
Rob Pelky – 04/17/10 (Sat)
The Worth-ship of God
Rob Pelky – 04/16/10 (Fri)
Slaves of Christ
Jon Sims – 04/17/10 (Sat)
Christ Before a Truthless World
John Griever – 04/16/10 (Fri)
Acquiring Wise Counsel
Bob Jennings – 04/17/10 (Sat)
Bob Jennings – 04/16/10 (Fri)
The Prayer Meeting
Bob Jennings – 04/17/10 (Sat)
The Alabaster Box of Worship
Rob Pelky – 04/16/10 (Fri)
The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Bob Jennings – 04/18/10 (Sun)
I Have Loved You with an Everlasting Love
Jon Sims – 04/16/10 (Fri)
Resting in Christ, not Religion
Rob Pelky – 04/18/2010 (Sun)

4th Annual Grace Camp Meeting

April 7th – 10th, 2011

Prayer in the New Covenant
Mack Tomlinson – 04/07/11 (Thur)
Praying Through Opposition
Mike Dickmann – 04/09/11 (Sat)
Don’t Grieve the Spirit
Bob Jennings – 04/08/11 (Fri)
The Effectual Prayer
Bob Schembre – 04/09/11 (Sat)
Seeking God in Prayer
Scott Lee – 04/01/11 (Fri)
The Hidden Life of Prayer
Mack Tomlinson – 04/09/11 (Sat)
Authority to Pray
JDr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/01/11 (Fri)
The Prayer Life of Jesus
Nathan Rages – 04/09/11 (Sat)
Sin and Mercy
Mike Dickmann – 04/08/11 (Fri)
Grace for the Mess
Mack Tomlinson – 04/10/11 (Sun)
A Morning Prayer
Mack Tomlinson – 04/08/11 (Fri)
The Church Prayer Meeting
Mack Tomlinson – 04/10/11 (Sun)
The Throne of Grace
Bob Jennings – 04/09/11 (Sat)

5th Annual Grace Camp Meeting

April 19th – 22nd, 2012

Satan’s Limits Under God’s Sovereignty
Mack Tomlinson – 04/19/12 (Thur)
The Law of Grace
Rob Pelky – 04/21/12 (Sat)
How They Overcame the Devil 
Bob Jennings – 04/20/12 (Fri)
Friendly Fire
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/21/12 (Sat)
Receiving and Reigning
Rob Pelky – 04/20/12 (Fri)
Unbelieving Believers
Nathan Rages -04/21/12 (Sat)
The Battle of the Flesh
Mike Dickmann – 04/20/12 (Fri)
The Newness of the Spirit
Mike Dickmann – 04/22/12 (Sun)
The Things Above
Dr. Michael G. Morrow – 04/20/12 (Fri)
The Conquering Cross
Mack Tomlinson – 04/22/12 (Sun)
The Devil’s Strategies and Methods 
Mack Tomlinson – 04/21/12 (Sat)